Friday, December 18, 2009

PAA - The movie

The story:-
Amol Arte(Abhishek bachhan) meets Vidya( Vidya Balan) in London where he is studying and she is doing her medical in Gynaecology. Both of them fall in love and gets into relationship because of which Vidya becomes pregnant. But Amol is not for the kid at that point of time because he wants to become a politician and asks Vidya to abort it. Vidya comes back to her mother (Arundhati Naag) in India and plans to have the kid without Amol. The kid is none other than Auro(Amitabh Bachchan). Auro is a witty and intelligent kid with progeria which is a ageing disease in kids. Eventhough he is only 13 he looks like a 60 yr old.Auro knows about his condition. His mischievous eyes hide a sagely mind, and it’s touching how he tries to make life easier for his mom. Little wonder then that he is greatly adored by people around him. In one of the school functions he gets an award from Amol Arte for his exhibit. On that day night Vidya realises that he has taken the award from his own father. The children infected with progeria dont live more than 13. So Vidya informs Auro that Amol is his father. What happens then and how Auro brings his father and mother together is the next part of the story.

Abhishek bachhan has done a very good role. We would all see what kind of a politician we all would aspire in him.
Vidyabalan also has done her role in such a wonderful way that she exactly fits into that character
Arundhati Naag(mother of Vidya) needs a special mention. I dont know how many mothers would really want her daughter to have the kid without the father being known to the kid. But she has supported her daughter very well in the movie
Paresh Rawat (father of Abhishek) also has done his role well. Eventhough he doesnt have much of talent to be shown in this movie.
Special mention to Vishnu(Amitabh's class mate) for his wonderful performance.The scene in which he, Vishnu (Pratik Katare), spits fire against his father in a telephonic conversation with Auro brings the house down with laughter.
and also to the girl whom Auro is afraid of ...
Last but not the least Auro - Performance personified... What an acting.. infact if you are unaware that its amitabh, you would really not identify him at all..Amitabh Bachchan convinces you from shot one that he is Auro - that's the sign of an incredible talent.Such a makeup and performance..
Balki - The pertinent area where Balki scores heavily is in creating authentic, lived-in sets and wonderfully female characters– Auro's family with the comely Vidya and grandmom (brilliantly played)-- are delightfully familiar but also wholly original creations. Not to forget refreshingly liberated in attitude
Ilayaraja- Music is done by ilayaraja though we know that all of them are soothing.
PC Sriram - Camera needs a special mention too...


I infact personally feel that amitabh has groomed himself so well for his age. He has taken so much of care to groom to his age which not many of the south indian actors have done or doing...


gils said...

pakkanumka...long pending..unga reviewkaprum kandipa paathay aganumnu decided :D

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yakka.. epdi keeringa? :)

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yekkooov, sowkiyamaa irukkelaa???? said...


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